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Fine Sand Recycling Machine

Product Introduction:

Fine sand recycling machine is designed to improve the sand productivity, and made more fine sand (more than 0.1mm) to be recycled. Our LS sand recycling machine adopts advanced fine sand recycling device. It is widely used in recovering fine sands for hydro power station, glass industries, and other recycling projects with good performance.

Technical Parameter:

Model Slurry Pump Cyclone Spec (mm) Dewatering Screen Capacity (TPH)
Power(KW) Material Material Power(KW)
LS250 11 Cr26 250 PU 0.75x2 40-60
LS300 15 Cr26 300 PU 0.75x2 60-80
LS350 18.5 Cr26 350 PU 0.75x2 80-100
LS550 11×2 Cr26 550 PU 1.5x2 120-140
LS650 15×2 Cr26 650 PU 1.5x2 120-160
LS750 18.5×2 Cr26 750 PU 1.5x2 180-200
LS900 37 Cr26 900 PU 2.2x2 200-240

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