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500TPH Basalt Crushing Plant

Basalt crushing is never an easy thing because it is characterized by rigidity, high strength and high abrasive resistance. So customers are often confronted with various problems during operation. Similarly, for basalt crushing, this customer met some troubles when using the spring cone crushers, hammer crushers and impact crushers purchased from other companies. For example:

1.90% of finished products, produced by spring cone crusher, were flat-elongated particles, which are unsuitable for the construction of mixing plant, expressway and high-speed railway.

2.Taking hammer crushers and impact crushers as the main machines to crush basalt damaged not only the spare parts but also the machines themselves, triggering higher production costs and longer downtime.

As a result, to help this customer solve the problems, Lvssn equipped its production line with 2 HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher on the basis of abundant experience in basalt crushing. After the production line was put into operation, the finished products have good granularity and gets popular among markets.

Basalt Crushing Design Scheme

Material: Basalt

Input Size: >750mm

Output Size: 0-5mm、5-12mm、12-24mm、24-31mm、31-40mm

Capacity: 450-500Tons/Hour

Application: High Railway, High Way, concrete mixing station

Transformation --- Analysis of Previous Production Line

1.Hammer crusher and impact crusher are suitable for soft materials. So when they are used to crush the hard materials like basalt, they are easy to be damaged and to lead higher production costs.

2.Traditional spring cone crusher is suitable for basalt crushing. But, its working principle--- crushing materials by squeezing inevitably brings some problems including low efficiency, over-abrasion and unsatisfying shape.

Transformation Scheme

1.Displace the Machines Considering the conditions of previous machines, Lvssn’s engineers replaced the low efficient crushers and took modes of multi-stage screening.

2.Improve the Production Technology of Crushing Production Line PLC intelligent operation system and dust collector were taken to ensure efficient and eco-friendly production line.

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